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RUGGED MONITORING had great success in Beijing Battery and EV Expo – 2019

Rugged Monitoring Exhibition in Beijing, China

Rugged Monitoring Hall-3 (Booth # 1070), Beijing, China

Rugged Monitoring team had participated as an Exhibitor in Battery & EV Expo – 2019 held in Beijing, China. The exhibition was started on Saturday, 06-Jul-2019 and went on till Tuesday, 09-Jul-2019. The show was attended by all major Electric Vehicle manufacturers, Battery manufacturers, Charging Station manufacturers, and their suppliers. We had a good booth location in Hall-3 (# 1070) very close to major Electric Vehicle players like BYD, SAIC, Dongfeng NISSAN, BAIC BJEV, Chery, Foton, etc. We were there with our major products R501, O201, T301, L201, range of Fiber Optic Temperature sensors suitable for E-mobility and accessories.

Fiber Optic Technology for E-Mobility

The show was very successful as we had busy 3.5 days during the show. On average 4-5 visitors were at our booth every hour, mainly the research and design engineers from Battery, EV, and Charging Station manufacturers. We found that with the increasing voltage level in E-mobility, Chinese manufacturers are getting more worried about using thermocouples for temperature testing. Major concerns we saw are Safety, Isolation, Noise elimination and Size. Almost all visitors appreciated the Fiber Optic technology for temperature testing and monitoring and they foresee Fiber Optic to become the main technology for testing and monitoring in E-mobility.

Application of Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

Rugged Monitoring also found a few new applications where fiber optic temperature sensors can be useful. Temperature testing of fast charging electronics was one of them. Companies like Delta China want to use Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors in testing their AC-DC and DC-DC converters so that they can monitor the hot spots and optimize the design of their power module. Engineers from State Grid in China wanted to monitor the temperature of the power cable that connects the charging station to the main grid.

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In summary, the exhibition was a successful show that helped us to get closer to Chinese customers and understand their application and need for our products.


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